Wow! there is a pig museum too

Well I have heard of museums of art, music, kings and empires, great leaders and the list goes on during my odysseys across Asia, Europe and America. I have explored numerous such museums, all of them wonderful channels to glorious past present or future. But then I was startled and amazed upon visiting the Schweine-Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. It is the largest pig museum in the world.

Well it is worth every minute spent for this huge collection with more than 50.000 exhibits from everywhere on this globe, you are in for a mind blowing experience.Encompasssing around 20-25 rooms, pigs of any kind express their story and history. Pigs from Asia, Europe, Americas, Australia; you name it and you find it there and even more. There is a pig for every sense in here.

From biology and anatomy of pigs, artistic pigs, to the magnificent pigs from several myths and legends are all exhibited in this unique museum. Well I was truely amazed at the amount of detail and insights provided here.

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